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Pure Thrash Metal
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Thanks List

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MASSIVE THANKS to the following bands:
Nuclear Assault (Glenn, Anthony, John, Danny)
Bobby Ellsworth and Overkill 
Judas "fucking" Priest for keeping METAL alive for over 20 years!
Destruction and Road Crew
Dying Fetus and Road Crew
Spike Cassidy and D.R.I.
Meliah Rage
John Ricci and Exciter
Steel Assassin
Agnostic Front
Cannibal Corpse
Brutal Truth
Harley's War
Bad Karma
Nuclear Decay

Links to bands: Band & Racing Links

Mikke (the former Web Guy) and Michelle Arnold
Howie Howe and Rat 7 Productions
Bruce Peterson and the "New York Earthshaker" Alcohol Funny Car Team
Dean Skuza and the "Matco Tools" NHRA Nitro Funny Car Team
John & Dottie DiNoto
Bob Rosetty Motorsports
Joe Lombardo and New England Dragway (Epping, NH)
Scott Jezak and The Hot Rods from Hell
David Welch, NH State Representative
Mark Thompson and Tortuga Records (Boston, MA)
Mike Boccuzzi
Brian Deandrade
Sandy (Oksana) Paone and Oksana Studios
Ron Tams
Bill Takesian
Stephanie Stevens and the East Coast Romper 'Zine
Metal Maniacs Magazine
The Noise 'Zine
Lollipop "Zine
and all the other 'Zines and magazines that stuck with us over the past 10 years
Travis Horton
Steve Lafontaine
Ben MacNutt
Debbie Fink
Chad Groulx
Dayton Schlosser
Jef Fascione
Dan Zangari
Josh Sweeney (R.I.P.)
Chad Sheridan
Jim Mazarakis
Dave Brooks
Grant Puzniak
Shella Stuart
Dan Moore
Dave Campagnone
WERS Boston (Nasty Habits)
WUNH (The Pit)
WGIR (Rock 101)
National Dragster Magazine
Drag Review
The Rat (R.I.P)
Elm Street Station (Manchester, NH)
The Tank (Revere Beach, MA)
Club Babyhead (R.I.P.)
The Livingroom (Providence, RI)
The Elvis Room (Portsmouth, NH)
The Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
Papa Gino's
Dunkin Donuts
Hilltop Steakhouse
Larry's Clam Bar
Rocket Records (Saugus, MA & Nashua, NH)
Pete Lodi (the Rock Palace Hampton Beach, NH)
Mike West and West Sound Studios and Video Production
Tim Koukos from Screaming Ferret Wreckords
Jarrod and Crew at Jarrods Place (Attleboro, MA)
The Lucky Dog Saloon (Worcester, MA)

to all of our supporters and audience - Thanks for keeping METAL Alive!
A big "NO THANKS" to the following:
"everybody who thought we wouldn't last due to trends, fads or not commercializing"  We're still playing Thrash Metal ! "terrorism/terrorists" and
"countries that don't support the USA"

And Thank You for visiting Candy Striper Death Orgy online!

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Contact Your State's Officials in Congress




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