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Eric "Nitro Ric" Paone (Guitar, Vocals)
Born: August 8, 1970 in Portsmouth, NH
First Began Playing an Instrument: My Uncle Mike gave me his drum set in 1977 and I started playing it. Then I picked up the guitar in the summer of 1985.
Musical Education: Well, I mostly watched and learned. I decided to take Music Theory (1 year) in college.
Previous Bands: I jammed with numerous people through the years. I was in only one band before CSDO. That was my high school metal band "Witch." We sounded like Dio and Judas Priest mixed together.
Main Influences: Glenn Tipton & Judas Priest, Nuclear Assault, Led Zeppelin, Scott Ian & SOD/Anthrax (older stuff), Slayer, James Hetfield & Metallica (older stuff - And Justice for All on down), Dave Mustaine & Megadeth (older stuff), Bobbie Gustafson & Overkill, Eric Peterson & Testament, Exodus, Toni Iommi & Black Sabbath, Peter Steele & Carnivore/Type O Negative, Agnostic Front, Spike Cassidy & D.R.I., Rich Spillberg & Wargasm, Vio-lence, Sodom and so on.
Equipment Used: Aria Pro and Dean Explorers for guitars, JCM 3315 Solid State 150 Watt Marshall Lead Head with a JCM 900 Lead Series Cab and an JBANEZ TS9 Tube Screamer Pedal.
Favorite Bands: Nuclear Assault, Testament, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Overkill, D.R.I., Cro-Mags, Vio-Lence, Sodom, Kreator, Biohazard, Sick Of It All, Slayer, Bolt Thrower, Forced Entry, Sanctuary (Now Nevermore), S.O.D., Carnivore, Wargasm, Metal Church, Meliah Rage, CIA & John Connelly Theory (both projects from some of the members of Nuclear Assault), Temporary Insanity, Formicide & Subjugator (3 awesome Boston Bands that I wish made it), Morbid Angel, old Voi Vod, old Anthrax, old Megadeth, old Metalica.
Top Ten Albums: This is hard 'cause I love so much stuff but here it goes: Judas Priest - Jugulator, Wargasm - Why Play Around, Nuclear Assault - Survive & Handle with Care, D.R.I. - Full Speed Ahead, Sodom - Code Red, Carnivore - Retaliation, Metallica - Master of Puppets, Testament - The Legacy, Slayer - it's a toss up between Reign in Blood & Divine Intervention for the 10th spot.
Favorite Live Bands: Judas Priest, Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Kiss, Gwar, Testatment, Biohazard, Sick Of It All, Overkill, Wargasm, Napalm Death, S.O.D., Savatage, AC~DC, D.R.I., Exciter and Bolt Thrower.
Favorite Places CSDO has Performed: The big GIG at Great Woods back in 1992 (now the Tweeter Center) - The Channel (R.I.P.) in Boston, MA - The Old Livingroom in Providence, RI - Saratoga Winners in Latham, NY - The Vertex (Katina's) in Hadley, MA - The Empire Theater (RIP) in Manchester, NH - The Rat (RIP) in Boston, MA - The Axis in Boston, MA - Decedance (Elm Street Station) in Manchester, MA - The Milwaukee Metal Fest - New Jersey Metal Fest - The Palladium in Worcester, MA - Don Hill's in Manhatten, NY - Connections in Clifton, NJ - Good Time in Somerville, MA - Dover Brick House in Dover, NH, etc. The list can go on but this is good enough.
Hobbies/Interests: Well, of course when we're not playing out, I love to go watch other bands. My second love is Drag Racing events. I love to go hang out at New England Dragway during Big Events and Points Racing Weekends.
Favorite Expression/Saying: F*** It!  I'll take care of it!   Don't worry about it!
Favorite Movies: All of the Godfather films, Goodfellas, Casino, Scarface, Carlito's Way, Donnie Brasco, Bronx Tale, Heat, The Nutty Professor, both Smokey and the Bandit films, anything with Rodney Dangerfield in it, anything with Andrew Dice Clay in it including my all time favorite: Ford Fairlane, JFK, Saving Private Ryan, Raging Bull and this list could go on forever!
Favorite Comedians: Dice, Robert Shimmel, Dennis Leary, Rodney Dangerfield, George Carlin, Tim Allen, Richard Pryor, Jerry Seinfield and Michael Richards.
Favorite TV Shows: Soprano's, Seinfield, Spin City, Nash Bridges, All in the Family, Miami Vice, Homicide, South Park, The Three Stooges, Wings, Sanford and Son, Who's Line is it Anyway and NYPD Blue.


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