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Lead Guitar Jon Morency (Dedham, MA)
Guitar & Vocals Eric Paone (Newton, NH)
Bass Dave Ulrich (FranklinNH)
Drums Graig Marseglia (Chelmsford, MA)
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Nuclear Assault Merchandise is available at Screaming Ferret Wreckords


CSDO has been keeping the "Thrash Metal" Flame alive for many years.  The songs depict the injustices and wrong doings of this world.  The sound has been described as the sound of a 747 jet plane by a newspaper reporter.

Candy Striper Death Orgy have opened for national acts such as Nuclear Assault, Overkill, Sick Of It All, Biohazard, D.R.I., Pro-Pain, Meliah Rage, Wargasm, Gwar, Brutal Truth, Demolition Hammer, etc.  A world wide following has built up through Fanzines and Magazines.

While holding on to that 1980's early '90's sound, CSDO's music is quite fresh sounding compared to a lot of today's newer bands.  No trend following here!  Lots of tempo changes including tight speed mixed with wild mosh parts.  If you like Slayer, Testament, Pantera, Nuclear Assault, S.O.D., Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Agnostic Front, Exodus, Biohazard, Sodom and Carnivore, you'll love CSDO.



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