Tribute to America

CSDO's songs have warned our citizens of the injustices to our society and our humanity from the start of the band. It is what this band is about!  Evil must stop! All of us must be good to each other. Countries must be good to each other. STOP HATING other people!

Give Peace a Chance.

Our Lives Will Never Be The Same!

We extend our deepest sympathy to all those affected!


Terrorists & Terrorism Must Be Wiped Out!

Updated News on
Bin Laden & the Taliban's Atrocity,
The Destruction of Humanity?
Are We Living in the Last Days?

This was a direct act of terrorism from individuals claiming to be of Islam religion. The Islam religion in truth does not preach murder or harm to any human being. These groups of terrorists are warped, sick in the mind people who have brainwashed themselves and brainwash recruits into their evil causes. They are murderers who have no regard for life, not even their own people and especially their women. God's first man and woman were created equal, but man and woman are not equal in Afghanistan!

These groups of terrorists have taken government into their own hands against the US due to warped-thinking politics. Just because they don't have the sophisticated weapons we have, they brainwash and use their own people to give-up their lives in order to set a human bomb and destroy to get our attention. They don't like the freedom of choice that we have, so they want to kill us. They believe we are bad because of our freedoms and we may influence their people. Any society has good and bad. The US and other free countries deal with it through the legal system. The legal system has it's faults as well!

Bin Laden is a financially rich person who has used his money and financial network to train human destroyers. Sick! Bin Laden and individuals like him are warped and sick in the head! He should have used his money to help the Islamic people survive from hunger. There is no reason why he couldn't have used his money to have wells dug for water so that their land could grow food and sell/trade food. He lets the people suffer so that he can get the male children to go-to his training camps as there is no other known choice for a way of life (stay poor and destitute or have a chance to be a martyr by killing and committing suicide so that the family can be provider for). Sick

Perhaps, it's possible that a foreign government assigned a terrorist group to perform an action that would catch the attention of the United States of America in order to get what they want? Perhaps they wanted to tarnish the US and World Economy to grab the attention of the whole world?

The governments of many Islamic countries want the US to treat them politically better due to our alliance with Israel. It is up to those governments to get together with each other and with the US to negotiate! It is not up to the Taliban or Bin Laden to dictate. Bin Laden captures and sways his religion/country's audience into evil like Hitler did.

Immediate Solution

The United States of America should no longer sell any arms/weapons of any kind to any country as this is the cause for such disruption, hatred and jealousy! Sell anything else, but not weapons.



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